Propane for Forklifts

If you need power, reliability and versatility, then you need a propane forklift! Propane for forklifts perform indoors or outdoors, incline or decline, rain or shine. They cost less to maintain, work longer and refuel more easily. They burn clean and meet all emission requirements.


With ThompsonGas as your propane partner, your forklift operation will always be ready and operating at its highest efficiency. From a single lift truck to an entire fleet, we can deliver the propane your forklifts need to get any job done. Our propane for forklifts program offers the following benefits:


• 19% fewer emissions than gasoline forklifts and 7% fewer emissions than diesel forklifts
• Less time refilling a propane tank than to switch or charge a battery
• Meets 2007 Environmental Protection Agency Standards
• Maintains consistent, 100% power throughout operation, with faster ground speeds than electric forklifts
• Push and lift heavier loads than most electrical-powered forklifts
• Versatility to move between indoor and outdoor locations — ideal for loading docks, recycling centers and other indoor/outdoor operations
• Accommodates a 33-lb. propane tank, which can provide up to 8 hours of continuous use


Ready to power your forklifts with propane service by ThompsonGas? Contact your propane suppliers for life today to learn more.