Propane and Your Wedding Day

Rainy Spring Wedding? Propane to the Rescue!

Spring has spring, summer is right around the corner, and wedding season is officially upon us! I know what you’re thinking… How does ThompsonGas get grouped into the same category as Wedding Season? Well think about it. Propane has a lot of jobs, included in those is the job of heating, generators, and torches.


Having a propane heater for your wedding is a must if you are going to have an outdoor reception. During this time of the year you never know what Mother Nature has on her agenda, a sunny forecast could quickly turn into a cold, rainy, evening. Don’t let that get you down! Dance the night away and celebrate while staying warm and dry hence why it is important to have a propane heater handy to heat your reception tent or outdoor area. ThompsonGas to the rescue!


You can get an assortment of different propane heaters conveniently at our Retail Show Room in Boonsboro, MD or Oakland, MD.


What about decorations? Have you thought about the lighting for your guests yet? If you are having an evening wedding you will want to think about lighting, not only in your reception area but also on any walkways your guests might be using to travel to and from their vehicles to your event. That’s where propane torches come in handy. Propane torches are a great device as apposed to any conventional lighting, switch things up a bit and use propane torches that are environmentally healthy and can add a bit of rustic flare to your events décor.


Get your event’s torch lighting at our Retail Show Room in Boonsboro, MD or Oakland, MD.


ThompsonGas is full of surprises; we have amenities to fit life’s most special events and also life’s daily essentials. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you on your special day, or any day of the week.


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