Propane and Your Personal Outdoor Oasis


With life being so busy, a perfect way to unwind and relax is by creating an outdoor oasis in your backyard. Research shows that the most enjoyable areas of the home combine relaxation, socialization and functionality. An outdoor oasis provides an opportunity to accommodate all three.


To create your own personal outdoor oasis, consider the following:


Gathering Area: This would be a central location with plenty of seating options. A propane fireplace or fire pit would make an ideal focal point for this space.


Outdoor Kitchen: An outdoor kitchen is the perfect space for entertaining. Guest can gather around and socialize while the meal is being prepared on your outdoor propane grill, cooktop or oven.


Privacy: A pergola, privacy panels, and large plants can create a secluded getaway feel within any open space.


Lighting: Propane lighting combines old-word charm with modern energy efficiency adding ambiance and character to any outdoor oasis.


Accents: Add personal touches with bold colors and adventurous designs. Don’t be afraid to have fun with accents and make this space your own.


Patio Heaters: A standing or portable propane heater provides up to a 20’ radius of heat and can raise the outdoor air temperature as much as 30 degrees. Having a patio heater will allow you to enjoy your oasis year-round.


Why not turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis? No matter the size your yard, you can turn it into an amazing place to escape and spend time with family and friends.