Prepare Your Home Now For Winter Propane Delivery

Yes, we know it’s only October, but trust us, the snow is going to fall sooner than you think! Experts are claiming this winter is going to be a doozy, and here at ThompsonGas we always believe in planning ahead. This week we decided to present a handy list of quick tips to keep in mind to help ensure your propane delivery driver has easy access to your propane tank, making certain your home stays warm all season long. Ready?

Flag Your Propane Tank Now

Before the snow starts to fall, it’s important to identify the exact location of your propane tank. Some propane users like to use a golf, surveyor’s stake or, even in some instances, a large banner featuring their favorite sports team! Really, any marker that will stand out in several feet of snow and is easily visible will help locate your propane tank quickly. Remember, make certain your marker is as tall as reasonably possible, as those weather experts we mentioned before are calling for some serious snowfall.


Keep Your Tank Clean And Visible After A Snowfall

Here at ThompsonGas we suggest keeping your propane tank clear of snow, but don’t just go out there with shovel! It’s highly recommended to use a soft broom or even a traditional snow brush to clear your tank. Whatever you decide to use, remember it has to be soft—not hard—you don’t want to damage your tank while trying to clean it.


Never, Ever, Bring Your Outdoor Propane Equipment Inside

Obviously we’re not referring to your home’s propane tank, but we do mean your grill’s portable propane tank and even your grill itself. Under no circumstances should you ever store these outdoor appliances inside your home during the winter months. A quality grill cover will protect your propane grill and tank until next spring, however, if you do want to store your grill in a garage or shed, disconnect the portable propane tank first. Ideally, your grill tank will be empty, in which case it should be safe to store in a garage or, better yet, you can return it to your propane provider and pick up a new one when the weather breaks.


Clear A Path To Your Propane Tank

After a significant snowfall, it’s important to make sure there is a clear path to your propane tank for easy access for your delivery driver. Our dedicated drivers are crucial to our business, ensuring that all of our clients receive their propane in a timely manner, and we definitely don’t want to see any of them hurt!


Never Run Out Of Propane With ThompsonGas

When you’re a ThompsonGas customer you won’t have to worry about checking your tank gauge during the cold weather months. We will monitor your usage and send a delivery when you’re tank is getting low. You can also call us at any time and ask when your next delivery date is scheduled. The entire ThompsonGas team is committed to making sure your family stays warm and satisfied all winter long.


We understand no two households are the same. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans designed to best suit each homeowner’s individual propane needs. To learn more about payment options, call us now at 1.800768.6612!