Practical Safety Tips For Our Propane Customers


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As a propane customer, you’re most likely familiar with all of the safety precautions associated with this incredibly efficient and affordable fuel source. There are, however, some little discussed propane safety tips that we feel merit another reminder. How many of these neat little hints did you forget about? Let’s see!

Propane Safety Tips You May Have Totally Forgotten About

If Propane Has A Natural Scent, How Do I Know If I Have A Leak?

Yes, it’s true; propane doesn’t have any distinguishable smell, which is why propane companies add a scent that is very similar to that of rotten eggs. If you smell something pungent, and you know there’s been no Bigfoot sightings in your area, or any other reason for the stench, you could have a leak.

There is also a product available, a solution, that can be placed around propane valve fittings and connections that can visibility confirm a suspected leak. To learn more about identifying a propane leak, feel free to contact us for more information!

The Propane Flame On My Stovetop Looks Strange….

Quick! Do you remember what a healthy propane flame should look like? It should consist of a nice, steady blue color. If you’re experiencing a yellowish color it’s possible there is an air blockage in your lines.

I Have An Underground Propane Tank….

Great! Chances are you have a pretty large tank, and in the warmer months you probably know precisely where it’s located, but what about after a significant snowfall? It’s a good idea to mark your tank with a flag or colorful stake for easy identification.

And, while you’re shoveling all that snow from your sidewalk and driveway, do yourself a favor—clear the area around your tank. You never know when you or your propane provider will need unencumbered access!

Some Propane Never Evers!

We know as a logical propane customer you would never, ever consider doing any of the following, but in the event you see a friend or neighbor attempting any of the following, you can feel confident in pointing out the danger involved!

• Never ever use a portable propane generator indoors….EVER!
• Never ever use any propane appliance inside that is meant for outdoor use—yes, that includes grills!
• Never ever alter your propane tank or fittings!
• Never ever tamper with any of your propane supply lines or regulators.

So there you have it! Some useful and practical tips to make sure your propane experience is as safe as possible. Do you have any unique hints to add? Let us know by contributing your comments below.