A Peek Inside The ThompsonGas Mailbag

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Here at ThompsonGas we get a lot of mail, and we make it a priority to answer every single letter! This week we thought it would be interesting to take a handful of emails we recently received and publish our responses right here on our blog. Let’s get started!

Have Questions About Propane? We Have Answers!

Q: My husband and I are considering purchasing a new home that is in a very rural area. The real estate agent informed us before we looked at the property that propane is being used to power the existing furnace, appliances and hot water tank. My spouse is fine with this but I’m a bit concerned. Can you help educate me regarding the residential uses of propane?

A: Congratulations on finding a new home! The current owner sounds like a very smart individual, as utilizing propane can be extremely cost efficient. We suggest reading a recent blog detailing some quick tips for new residential propane users.

Q: I’ve been reading a lot about tankless water heaters. How difficult is it to convert an electric hot water tank to a propane heated tankless water heater?

A: Well, every installation is different, but we can say installing a tankless hot water heater is definitely worth it! We’ve discussed the ins and outs of tankless hot water heaters in great length in a past article. When you’re ready to purchase your new tankless water heater we suggest you visit our retail site to learn more about various models and installation advice.

Q: My wife and I have been speaking with a custom homebuilder in Maryland and the topic of propane came up. The contractor is willing to incorporate a propane furnace as well as all propane appliances, but he’s concerned what potential neighbors will think when they see propane tanks in our backyard. Any suggestions?

A: Suggestions? You could say we have few! The construction process is the easiest time to discuss fueling a home with propane. As for the aesthetic nature of propane tanks, the majority of today’s tanks are nearly invisible! That doesn’t mean that we’ve incorporated some new technology to hide our propane tanks from the human eye, rather tanks can be buried underground so they aren’t even seen. We suggest you share this insightful blog entry “Choose Propane For Your New Construction Home” with your contractor.

Q: There’s been several mentions in the news and online over the past year about ThompsonGas acquiring other propane businesses. My father-in-law has owned a small propane company for over 40 years and the family is trying to convince him the time has come for him to retire. His major concern is he’s afraid of what will happen to his employees if he sells the business. Is there anyway someone from your company can speak with him?

A: The best advice we have isn’t for your father-in-law, but for you. It’s difficult being a business owner, and although you and your family means well, there is only one person who will know when the time is right to retire. That being said, you can provide him with the following blog post which details what owners can expect when choosing to sell their propane company to ThompsonGas.

Do you have a question we can answer in an upcoming article? If so, feel free to contact us or submit your question in the comment section below!