How Much Do You Know About Propane? Take The ThompsonGas Quiz!


Perhaps you’ve been reaping all the available benefits of propane for decades or you’re just now realizing everything affordable lp gas can power in your daily life. Either way, take this Quick Quiz and you just might be amazed at how much propane knowledge you already have—maybe learning a few neat things about this amazing fuel along the way!


Grab a piece of paper and a Number Two pencil (well, it doesn’t have to really be a Number Two pencil…do exams even require those anymore?) and list your answers to the following multiple-choice questions. When you’re finished, click on the link at the bottom of the page to see the answer sheet and see how well you’ve done!


Ready? Let’s get started!


Question #1


In what year was the first commercial propane company established?


a)    1972

b)   1912

c)    1889

d)   1982


Question #2


You most likely know that propane is used to fuel forklifts in factories throughout the United States, but do you know approximately how many?


a)    150,000

b)   425,000

c)    562,000

d)   670,000


Question #3


In it’s natural state, what does pure propane most smell like?


a)    Rotten Eggs

b)   Sour Milk

c)    Nothing, It’s Completely Odorless

d)   Stale Beer


Question #4


Big business is beginning to convert their auto fleets to run on propane based on the amazing savings compared to traditional fuel.  Shipping leader UPS recently invested in 1,000 propane trucks and 50 fueling stations across the country.  How much money did they spend on this venture?


a)    $2.2 million

b)   $70 million

c)    $36 million

d)   $19 million


Question #5


You should never let the gauge on your propane tank drop below what percentage?


a)    20%

b)   25%

c)    30%

d)   35%


Question #6


Which one of the following statements is not true regarding propane?


a)    Propane Is Nontoxic

b)   Propane Is Water Insoluble

c)    Propane Is A By-Product Of Natural Gas Processing & Petroleum Refining

d)   Propane Can Only Be Used In Residential Applications


Question #7


Besides propane, what other alternative fuel has filling stations located in every state?


a)    Methanol

b)   Liquid Nitrogen

c)    None, propane is the only alternative fuel with filling stations in every state.

d)   Compressed Natural Gas


Question #8


ThompsonGas customers can earn how much of a credit by removing their old oil tank and converting it to a propane powered central heating appliance?


a)    $200

b)   $300

c)    $50

d)   $100


Question #9


What percentage of propane used in the United States comes from domestic sources?

a)    90%

b)   75%

c)    50%

d)   25%


Question #10


What does the “LP” in the term “LP Gas” actually stand for?


a)    Lasting Product

b)   Long Petroleum

c)    Less Pricey

d)   Liquefied Petroleum


Ok, pencils down! How do you think you did?  Click here to compare your answers!