More Propane Questions From The In-Box

It’s that time again, when we crack open the ThompsonGas mailbox and answer your questions regarding everyone’s favorite fuel—you guessed it—propane! Join us as we randomly select questions posed by customers and non-customers alike, providing our frank, candid answers to those “clean burning” queries.


Q: I’m in the process of purchasing an existing restaurant from a family member. She’s getting ready to take a much deserved retirement, having been in the service industry for nearly forty years. I have to admit, I’m excited to finally own my own business, but when reviewing the books I was stunned to discover how much the monthly utility bills are, specifically as it pertains to the kitchen. As a current ThompsonGas residential customer, I prefer to cook at home with propane. Is it possible to convert an industrial kitchen to also operate on propane? I already know it will save me money, I just wasn’t sure how complicated this conversion would be.


A: Congratulations on your upcoming restaurant! Yes, we can certainly help you convert your kitchen equipment to operate on propane. It appears we don’t have to reiterate all of the potential savings when compared to electric and natural gas,so let’s stay focused on the nuts and bolts of converting your kitchen to propane. Your best bet is to contact us at 1.800.768.6612 and we will be able to have your local ThompsonGas representative schedule a tour of your facility. They will also be able to discuss the variety of pricing plans available as well as detailing our never run out guarantee.


Q: I’m not a ThompsonGas customer, but I’m considering becoming one after what just happened! One of your competitor’s just came out to fill up my propane tank and told me I was all set. I should’ve checked before he left, but didn’t get around to it until later in the day. My gauge is only reading at 80%! I checked my paperwork and they’re charging me like they filled it up! I’m not the type to make a stink, but I’m not going to tolerate this. How do I go about becoming a ThompsonGas customer?


A: We’re always willing to welcome new customers, but before you immediately think about switching, there’s something you should know. Propane gauges, even ours, are considered full when the number reads 80%. This permits expansion of the propane vapor. Your propane delivery driver wasn’t trying to pull a fast one on you, but when you became a client they should have explained the proper way to understand and read your propane tank gauge. We’re sure a simple phone call to your propane provider will help clear up the misconception that you were shorted. If, however, you still want to become a ThompsonGas customer, you can fill out this convenient form.


Q: My husband has been grilling more this summer than ever before, and I couldn’t be happier! Anything that means less time for me cooking in a hot kitchen is great! It seems, however, that he’s running out to get the grill tank filled every week. Isn’t there a way we can tap the grill into our existing propane tank we use for the house? It just seems like it would be so much more convenient.


A: In a word, yes, you can utilize your home’s propane tank to power your grill.  It’s called the ThompsonGas Grill Gas Box, and your husband will love it! In fact, if you play your cards right, maybe he’ll even cook meals for you all year long! Thanks for the question!


Have any questions we can answer regarding propane? Feel free to fill out this convenient form or call us toll free at 1.800.768.6612!