The Misconceptions Associated With Propane Part One: Why Change Is Good!


If you’ve been reading our blog or following us on social media you may have noticed the increased number of businesses and homeowners converting from traditional fuel to propane. This decision offers tremendous benefits for all involved, but yet many are still hesitant to take the plunge. What are your reasons for not embracing a transition to propane? In this series we will attempt to find the answer to this elusive question.

No Need To Fear Change: Why Converting To Propane Makes Sense

Right now, you’re reading this article online. Why aren’t you reading it in a newspaper or magazine? The answer is simple—times have changed! It’s much more convenient to get your news from the Internet. In fact, breaking news appears instantaneously via the web, unlike in years past where your only option to read the latest events involved patiently waiting for the morning paper.


There’s also a good chance you’re reading this very blog on your mobile phone. Imagine that! If someone were to tell you, even as little as 15 years ago, that you would be accessing books, articles—even television shows—on your telephone you would have been a bit skeptical. You certainly couldn’t imagine doing anything like that on your landline, would you?


Advances in technology have affected nearly all areas of our lives:


VHS Tapes evolved to DVDs & Blu Ray

Polaroids evolved to Digital Cameras

Snail Mail evolved to Email

Paper Maps evolved to GPS

Books evolved to Kindles


You get the idea, possibly even able to come up with at least a dozen more examples of your own. In each of the samples above, the original pales in comparison to their updated counterparts. Although propane has been a viable fuel for nearly a century, it’s still relatively young when compared to traditional fuel sources.


We’re a culture of early adopters. No sooner do we invest in the latest smartphone than a new, smaller, sleeker one is unveiled. Of course we want that! What was the greatest gadget last year is now yesterday’s news due to technological advancements. Why doesn’t this desire convey to your home’s energy source? Is it because we fear what we don’t know?

Propane Facts

Let’s try to dispel some of the most popular misconceptions regarding propane in order to alleviate this fear of the unknown.


• Yes, you can use propane to heat your home, dry your clothes, produce hot water and even refrigerate your food!


Propane, when used properly, is no more dangerous than any other fuel. Propane tanks are equipped with pressure relief valves; excess flow valves and service valves among many other safety measures.


• Roughly 14 million households utilize propane, and that number continues to grow!


• Propane delivery drivers and technicians are highly trained professionals who put the well being of your family and property first.


• Even during an electrical power outage, you will still be able to use propane to keep your house warm, cook for your family and provide continuous hot water.


• Propane is less expensive and more efficient than other traditional fuels.


Yes, Readers, change is a good thing! Hopefully you realize that your fears are unfounded regarding converting to propane. In our next entry we will present and discuss the positive economic statistics available regarding propane.