The Misconceptions Associated With Propane Part Two: Facts Are Facts


Welcome back! This time we’re going to address, head on, more misconceptions regarding propane. If you missed our last entry, we discussed the fear associated with change, specifically why so many homeowners continue to use traditional fuels to heat their house. You can read all the reasons why being afraid to convert to propane are unfounded by clicking here.


Now, let’s get into some facts pertaining to propane.

The Undisputed Facts About Propane

Propane Is Efficient

When it comes to investing in a new home furnace, don’t be so quick to eliminate propane fuel from your list. Propane furnaces are known for being extremely energy efficient. Many new propane furnaces don’t even require a constant pilot light like the ones utilized in natural gas furnaces. Electronic, battery powered ignition switches are used in these modern propane heaters that allow the thermostat to be turned on only when heat is required.

Propane Is More Environmentally Friendly Than Traditional Fuels

Propane is an approved clean alternative fuel under the Clean Air Act of 1990, producing lower carbon emissions than traditional carbon based fuels.

Propane Conversion & New Installation Is Easy

Unlike gas furnaces, a propane-powered furnace does not need to be installed near a gas line. Propane is stored in tanks, offering more flexibility when it comes to your installation location. Propane professionals can review your current natural gas installation, providing advice regarding how practical it will be to convert to propane.

Rebates & Incentives Available When Converting To Propane

Here at ThompsonGas we’ve made it even easier for you to be rewarded when converting from traditional methods to propane! Check out our “Refer A Friend” page, detailing how you can earn up to $250 in credits when your family or friends follow your lead!


You can also find convenient information detailing some very impressive incentives available when converting your hot water heater, furnace or a variety of appliances to propane.


Those, Dear Reader, are the facts! Are you ready to convert to propane? If so, contact ThompsonGas at 1.800.768.6612 or simply fill out the form located here. We will be happy to explain all the benefits available when using propane.