The One Item You Need This Weekend

Memorial Day is right around the corner and many Americans are planning family get-a-ways to celebrate. We thought it would be pretty cool to take a look at the many different ways people are using propane in their travels. Camping this weekend? No problem… propane can give you hot water on demand, access to showers, and even more. Click the video links below for tips and tricks on how propane can help you this holiday weekend.


  1. DIY Hot Showers While Camping – Portable Propane Hot Water Heater – WOW! Who ever thought that propane can help you shower? Thank you Lynn Sessions for this great video, amazing!
  2. Propane for Camp Cooking – What You Need to Know – Propane is an important fuel source for many camp cooks. It is ideal for car or RV camping. Please use all safety measures when working with propane and propane tanks. Thank you 1960HikerDude for this very informative video.
  3. RV’ing with Propane! Rusty thanks for this incredible video, you make changing out an empty propane tank on an RV look easy! Follow Rusty78609 on YouTube to learn more and start your RV journey off right!

**Please contact an expert before trying any of these at home**


As you can see – there are MANY uses for propane! Propane can make traveling easier and give you access to many of life’s essential amenities. No matter where you are going there is always a use for a propane tank. Visit to learn more about the uses for propane or visit one of our retail site to pick up your propane tank today!


The ThompsonGas family wishes you and yours a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!


Comment below and tell us what you think of these innovative inventions, or if you have tried any of these techniques in the past.

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