March Is The Perfect Time To Get Your Propane Grill Ready For Spring!


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Fingers crossed, winter has finally passed us by. That rascally groundhog was kind to us this year, we’ve persevered and now find ourselves on the other side! Let’s celebrate and throw some steaks and burgers on the grill! What? You haven’t grilled since last fall? And you failed to clean it before you put the cover on it, letting it sit like that all season long? Ok, well, you have to get that grill cleaned and ready to rock—and ThompsonGas is here to help!

Get That Propane Grill Ready For Grilling!

Ok, first off, is the reason you didn’t grill all winter due to the fact that your propane tank is empty? If so, carefully disconnect the tank and either take it to an authorized refilling station or, you may want to consider finally running propane directly to your grill. Hint: If you go this route, you’ll never have to haul an empty tank in your vehicle again!

Now, let’s check the hood, casters, shelves and doors on your grill. A simple twist of a screwdriver will keep all aspects of your propane grill nice and tight!

Let’s take a look at the outside of that propane grill—is it looking a bit scuffed, marked up and dirty? You can’t have your grill looking like Tobacco Road when you invite your friends over, can you? Use a soft sponge, warm water and dish detergent to give the outside a nice scrubbing. There, isn’t that better? Almost looks like it came right out of the showroom, don’t you think?

The time has come to get really down and dirty…Open that lid and pull out all of your grilling grates. Chances are you will want to soak them in a solution of vinegar, grease-busting dish detergent and very hot water. This will make scraping and cleaning with a specialty wire brush a much easier task.

Your propane grill’s grease pan most likely could use a little TLC as well! Go ahead and let it soak in the same solution you used for the grill grates, you might be pleasantly surprised at how clean that drip pan looks after a nice bath!

Ok, so you’ve got a new tank or propane running directly to your grill, you’ve tightened up all the loose screws and you’ve cleaned that baby inside and out—go ahead and fire up that grill! But wait, we’re not ready to start grilling yet. Check out the color of the flame immediately coming out of your grill’s burner. You should notice a nice, healthy blue color. If, instead, you see orange or red, you’ve got some more cleaning to do! Disconnect the burners and soak them for about 30 minutes in the same solution referenced above.

Everything clean and dry? All burners put back together properly? Don’t forget to review our propane grilling safety tips!

Now is the time to gather the family and throw on the burgers and hot dogs! To get the most out of your propane grill, you should consider performing all of the above steps at least once every six-weeks, and you’ll never make the mistake of not preparing your grill for winter next fall…right?