Make 2016 The Year You Convert To Propane!

It hardly seems possible, but another year has come and gone. At first glance, 2015 was an incredible year of innovation, anticipation and increased confidence. We saw the price point of those new-fangled 4K Ultra High Definition televisions drop to a reasonable price. Star Wars fans finally rejoiced in the release of The Force Awakens and the Real Estate market actually increased, which is great for the economy.

Not everyone, however, experienced a rosy 2015. A Minnesota dentist and recreational big game hunter shot and killed Cecil The Lion, a much beloved noble animal who called Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe home for over fourteen years. The National Football League looked into what many fans have coined “Deflategate”, trying to ascertain whether Patriots quarterback Tom Brady instructed a ball attendant to deflate footballs below the minimum required PSI to gain an unfair advantage in the AFC Championship game.

Perhaps the biggest mistake made in 2015, however, involved Miss Universe host Steve Harvey announcing the wrong winner to a global audience of over 6.2 million live viewers (not to mention the number of people who witnessed this cringe inducing disaster over and over online!)

Is it possible you also made a mistake this past year? Did you finally convert your home to operate on efficient, environmentally-friendly propane? No? Well, we’re here to help with that! Let’s explain just how easy it is to become a propane customer, and, more importantly, how next year at this time you’ll be glad you made the switch!

Why Convert To Propane In 2016?

If you’ve been following our blog over the past year or have a finger solidly on the pulse of the industry then you are already aware propane was in the news quite a bit in 2015. Several big businesses have started the process of converting their fleets to operate on propane rather than diesel or gasoline.  This is no accident! The benefits of propane aren’t merely limited to corporate America.  You, too, can experience all the positive perks available when converting your home from oil or electric to propane.

Propane Is More Environmentally Friendly Than Traditional Fuel

Yes, it’s true; propane produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than most other types of energy sources. Add to this the fact that propane doesn’t contaminate the soil and is considered a nontoxic fuel  and it’s clear to see Mother Nature is a big fan of lp gas!

Propane Uses Less Energy Than Electricity

Being that propane produces heat faster than electricity, it also takes less energy to heat your home. Many homeowners, however, feel that it is much too complicated to convert electric furnaces and appliance over to propane. This isn’t the case! Call us and we will be happy to review your current equipment. Converting your hot water tank, clothes dryer, kitchen appliances—even your swimming pool heater—all to propane can save quite a bit of money on your utility bills!

What Else Can ThompsonGas Provide When Converting To Propane?

Wow! Where do we start with this topic? Well, you can rest assured that your family will remain safe and secure during inclement weather, as propane use isn’t affected by traditional power outages.  We also provide 24/7 Emergency Service in the rare event you experience any propane issues. Can your current energy provider offer that type of commitment to their customers?

ThompsonGas also offers convenient online bill pay, even allowing you to set up automatic propane delivery.  There are also optional free programs available to help you receive a level monthly payment, helping you to best create a budget free of unwanted surprises!

Concerned you don’t know enough about propane? Our technicians will never leave you alone and out in the cold! You can expect detailed service, instruction and education regarding all things propane and exactly what to do in the off chance that you suspect a leak.  Here at ThompsonGas, we’ve always put our customers first, so much that we’ve put our Customer Service Policies on our website for everyone to review.

Contact us for your Complimentary Home Heating Audit. Not only will we be able to give you more information to help with your decision, we will also detail all the financial incentives available in the form of credits and rebates currently offered. In addition, there are often several state and federal tax incentives available for homeowners that convert to propane!

As always, ThompsonGas is here to help make your conversion to propane easy and affordable.