Waynesboro, Mississippi

104 Turner St, Waynesboro, MS 39367, USA

Waynesboro, Mississippi

The Best Propane Company in Waynesboro, Mississippi

Waynesboro has remarkably grown from a small railroad town of just 15 families, to a thriving community of hundreds.
Waynesboro is the county seat of Mississippi’s Wayne County, and was founded in 1854 when a railroad station was built and a community formed around it. Over the years, more families and business would come to call Waynesboro home, and in 1876, the town was incorporated by the state. The 20th century saw Waynesboro begin to become a hub for commercial activity, with general stores, hotels, and banks all opening up in the area, and the city would double in size by the 1950’s. As part of town tradition, Waynesboro has an annual Red, White, and Blueberry celebration where residents come together and celebrate the year’s harvest with live entertainment, arts and crafts, fireworks, and dessert contests.

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