Tacoma, Washington

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Tacoma, Washington

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Tacoma may be the third-largest city in the state of Washington, but that hasn’t stopped it from holding on to the culture, and personality that made it an amazing area where “rails meet sails”.

The Tacoma area was originally inhabited for thousands of years by the Puyallup people, but after the Civil War, a veteran named Job Carr would settle in the area and build the first post office. Carr would sell this land to a land developer, Morton M. McCarver, as the railroad began to reach nearby, which he named Tacoma, after the native name for the mountain. The city would industrialize rapidly at the turn of the century and would become a center of industry in the region, only matched by the also growing Seattle. As the years went on, an industry shift would lead Tacoma to face a population decline, but in the 1990s city planners aimed to rejuvenate the city; updating its downtown, and repurposing old buildings. Today, Tacoma has everything from museums, theaters, restaurants, bars, and parks for both citizens and visitors to enjoy. This revival ensured that Tacoma was not only a modern metropolis but a culturally relevant one too.

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