St. Joseph, Missouri

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St. Joseph, Missouri

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St. Joseph (known as “St. Joe” by locals) was deemed a “modern wonder” by the Chicago Times in 1886, a statement that remains true to this day as the city continually grows, and reaches new heights.

The city of St. Joseph is located in Buchanan, and Andrew Counties in Northwest Missouri, and was founded by fur trader Joseph Rubidoux, who named many of the town’s downtown streets after his eight children. St. Joseph greatly expanded during westward migration as many used the city as the head water for their journey, and created a booming emigrant based economy. The city even became the starting location for Pony Express riders, who would deliver mail across the country on horseback. The city is also notable for being the birthplace of hip-hop icon Eminem, and for being where the famed outlaw, Jessie James, met his end. The town has a rich culture that the community is a part of; hosting a multitude of music festivals and concerts by local musicians, as well as city cleanup and conservation programs that makes St. Joseph an amazing place to call home, no matter where you’re from.

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