Nashville, North Carolina

302 S Barnes St, Nashville, NC 27856, USA

Nashville, North Carolina

ThompsonGas is the Propane Supplier of Choice in Nashville, NC.

Located within 40 minutes of Downtown Raleigh, Nashville, NC is known as “The Original Town of Nashville.” It is the oldest of the thirteen Nashvilles in the United States. Nashville has kept its small-town charm while continuing to grow. The Town of Nashville today is a full-service municipal government that is home to major residential, commercial, and industrial development.

ThompsonGas is a company founded on the solid business principles of trust and service, old-fashioned values that never grow old. As ThompsonGas continues to grow, we never lose sight of what is truly important – really understanding the needs of our residential and commercial propane customers. ThompsonGas is a proud to be the propane supplier of choice to families and businesses throughout Nashville, NC.

At ThompsonGas, we do our best to ensure our propane is the most affordable solution to power your home or business. Our dedicated team of propane delivery drivers is always available to make certain your family has the ability to keep warm, shower and cook.
We offer 24-hour service and automatic delivery options.

If you are currently searching for a reliable propane dealer, please give us a call at 252-459-7033. We will be happy to discuss our current lp gas prices and help you estimate how much home propane you require for your specific needs.