Moundville, Alabama

39286 AL-69, Moundville, AL 35474, USA

Moundville, Alabama

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Moundville was the home to prehistoric Mississippian culture, and while the times have changed, the town’s importance as a historical center remains relevant today.

The town, located in both Alabama’s Hale and Tuscaloosa counties, was incorporated in 1908 and features 26 ancient native-American earthwork mounds, burial sites, and artifacts, with mounds, decreasing in size the further away they are from the Black Warrior River. A museum dedicated to these ancient formations, the University of Alabama’s Moundville Archaeological Park, preserves the 326 acres where these natives lived 800 years ago, with many of the unearthed treasures such as the famous Rattlesnake Disk on display. The Archaeological Park offers a nature trail, picnic areas, and even a campground to spend the weekend at.

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