Monroeville, Alabama

815 S Alabama Ave, Monroeville, AL 36460, USA

Monroeville, Alabama

The Best Propane Gas Distributors in Monroeville, AL

As an “Alabama Community of Excellence”, Monroeville has always prioritized its citizens, and businesses over everything else.
Founded on lands ceded from local Native American tribes in 1815, Monroeville was named after the President James Monroe, and was largely an agricultural hub until around the mid-1930’s, when a textile mill opened and helped grow the economy boom. The city would shape prominent writers Harper Lee, and Truman Capote, with the former’s To Kill a Mockingbird making the city a popular tourist locale. Monroeville annually pays tribute to the novel with plays performed at its Monroe County Heritage Museum, with Lee’s death weighing heavily on the town in 2016.

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