Loretto, Tennessee

810 N Military St, Loretto, TN 38469, USA

Loretto, Tennessee

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Loretto is a town that’s located in the heartland of America, where strong values and community are put above all else.
Loretto began as a stagecoach station known as Glen Rock but as more settlers found their home in the area, a city was born. It’s rumored that the name came from Italy’s Loreto region, but others claim it was named after a sainted nun. Agriculture was the primary product that fueled Loretto’s economy, with sawmills, gristmills, and wagon making contributing much to the town’s domestic output until railroads were built in the town in 1886. From then on, lumber transporting began to dominate Loretto’s economy, and it wasn’t uncommon for the whistles from sawmills to be heard in the morning as workers tried to keep up with demand. Loretto is currently a strong community that holds each other accountable and strives to keep its community safe, and welcome for all.

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