Greenville, Alabama

410 Greenville Bypass, Greenville, AL 36037, USA

Greenville, Alabama

The Best LP Gas Service in Greenville, Alabama.

Greenville, Alabama is a city whose beauty is not only recognized by people passing by on the way to the Gulf Coast beaches, but by the Hollywood executives who regularly use its scenery in film.

Greenville is located in Butler County, and was founded in 1819 before becoming the county seat in 1822. The namesake for the county, Captain William Butler, was buried in the town after he fell in battle during the Creek War. While the city has grown, its beauty hasn’t diminished, with Greenville hosting a wide range of flower shows, and outdoor activities for those feeling the call of the wild. Those who enjoy the fine arts will also find something in store for them in Greenville, as the city’s Ritz Theatre offers both Ballet and Broadway Musicals for its citizens to enjoy. Greenville’s restaurants provide more than enough variety if you’re a picky eater, with both southern style cooking, and fine dining throughout the town.

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