Flomaton, Alabama

2147 Ringold St, Flomaton, AL 36441, USA

Flomaton, Alabama

The Best Propane Supplier in Flomaton, Alabama

Flomaton is a town that was founded when a train junction was built, and just as the railroad connected a nation, the community has since grown with a similar sense of connectedness.

The Mobile and Montgomery Railroad first built that junction in 1869 to link three railroads, with a railroad employee actually becoming the first settler in the new town. By 1886, the town has grown to 250 residents, and after going through several names, it was officially incorporated as Flomaton in 1908. The town has experienced several tragedies throughout its history, including through the town in the early 20th century, and a major flood would leave the town severely unprepared for the Great Depression, which would hit the nation the same year in 1929. But the town has since recovered, and its resilience over the years and continuing care for one another is what makes this community truly timeless.

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