Evergreen, Alabama

138 W Front St, Evergreen, AL 36401, USA

Evergreen, Alabama

The Best Propane Gas Distributor in Evergreen, Alabama.

Evergreen is nicknamed “The Emerald City” for good reason, and would certainly fit the needs of anyone looking for a small town community to build their own business, or start a family.

The city is located within Alabama’s Conecuh County, and was founded in 1819 after Revolutionary War veteran James Cosey settled within what is now the city limits. Reverend Alexander Travis named the town Evergreen for its abundance of lush green foliage. In 1882, a tornado ripped through the town, destroying virtually every building except for the town church. Evergreen is now known for its outdoor offerings, with 400 lakes and ponds, and plentiful game for hunting. Evergreen noticeably gets around 40 days of freezing temperatures per year. The city has numerous tax incentives it offers to potential business owners because of its status as a rural designation.

If you’re looking to get your business started, or to keep your home warm during the 40 day freeze, ThompsonGas can deliver the home propane, or commercial propane gas you need. Call us at 251-216-4270 to get started today and discover what makes ThompsonGas the best propane distributor.