Duluth, Minnesota

5820 Old Hwy 61, Duluth, MN 55810, USA

Duluth, Minnesota

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Duluth is a beautiful town with a thriving music scene, amazing places to eat, and of course, plenty of places to fish with Lake Superior just a glance away.

Duluth has been an active area for over 500 years, with tribes ranging from the Chippewa to the Sioux, to the Iroquois all settled by Lake Superior. It wasn’t until French Fur Traders began to found trading posts near the area that the town began to form, and in the early 1800s, Duluth was recognized as an official settlement. Duluth would enjoy rapid industrialization thanks to railroader mogul Jay Cooke and became the busiest port in the United States for a time in the early 20th century. The city now draws over 3.5 million tourists to its borders, where they rent charter boats, kayak, take airplane tours, or participate in one of the numerous festivals that take place every year. Even without the Fur Traders, this city has a way of making its citizens, and visitors feel warm.

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