Carbon Hill, Alabama

31040 Northeast 1st Avenue, Carbon Hill, AL, USA

Carbon Hill, Alabama

The Best Propane Supplier in Carbon Hill, Alabama

Carbon Hill is a city in North West Alabama that is known for its generosity, and strong Christian ideals at its core.

Located in Alabama’s Walker County, Carbon Hill was founded in 1886 as a mining town along the state’s expanding railroad. The area has seen numerous catastrophes from tornados throughout its history with a severe F3 tornado hitting Carbon Hill hard in 1917, a F4 in 1957, and another F3 in 2002. The city has endured these natural disasters through its strong faith, with over 30 churches in 2011. Two of these churches even garnered national attention, when they provided a safe haven to those who were left without homes after the F3 tornado in 2002.

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