Buffalo, Missouri

904 W Dallas St, Buffalo, MO 65622, USA

Buffalo, Missouri

The Best Propane Gas Supplier in Buffalo, Missouri

Buffalo can be found “where the woodlands meet the prairie”, and is a thriving rural community that values an easy living lifestyle.

Buffalo was founded in 1841, being named after the New York city of the same name by one of its first settlers, and is located in Southwest Missouri’s Dallas County. Residents enjoy a short distance to the metropolitan city of Springfield, while also being able to reap the benefits of living in a small, neighborly town. The average snowfall in Buffalo is around 14 inches, however, it often disappears off the ground within two days. Buffalo also has a multitude of small businesses ranging from bed-and-breakfasts, to flea Markets, to taverns, making this small part of Missouri a gem you’ll have to visit.

Whether it’s to keep your home warm during fluctuating snowfall, or to open your own cozy bed-and-breakfast, ThompsonGas will always have exactly what you need as your premier propane supplier.

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