Bonifay, Florida

106 Industrial Dr., Bonifay, FL 32425, United States

Bonifay, Florida

The Best Propane Gas Service in Bonifay, Florida

Bonifay is a cozy little city whose hospitality serves many guests per year as they head towards the beautiful, southern beaches.
Formally known as Four Hills, Bonifay was founded after G.W. Banfill arrived in the area from Wisconsin, and deemed it the perfect place to begin a town. Bonifay was named after Judge Frank Bonifay, a railroad official, and the first building on the town’s Waukesha Street, the Hotel Eureka, was built by G.W Banfill himself. Although many pass through this beautiful city, the community, and the multitude of events such as the World’s Largest All Night Sing, make Bonifay a great place to call home.

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