Blountstown, Florida

20791 Central Ave E, Blountstown, FL 32424, USA

Blountstown, Florida

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Blountstown is the epitome of small town, rural living, and although the town has faced many challenges, the perseverance of its citizens in the face of adversity is why the town still stands today.
Blountstown is located in Calhoun County on the Florida Panhandle and was named after John Blount, who served as a guide for General, and later president, Andrew Jackson while he led his troops into Spain-controlled Florida, which ultimately led to the United States acquiring the territory in 1821. In 2018, Blountstown faced the full force of Category 4 Hurricane Michael, which left many homes and buildings destroyed, and caused the town to be without power for three weeks. But the spirit of Blountstown remains strong as the people always have been, and will once again reach new heights.

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