Benton, Tennessee

161 Mull Rd, Benton, TN 37307, USA

Benton, Tennessee

Get the Best Propane Service in the Benton, TN Area with ThompsonGas

Whether you live in Benton, Cleveland or Chattanooga in Tennessee, ThompsonGas offers the best propane service available. Propane is the environmentally safe, cost efficient, alternative fuel for your home. Many homeowners are relying on propane to fuel their air conditioners, furnaces, fireplaces, appliances, water heaters and outdoor grills.

When Benton, Cleveland and Chattanooga winter temperatures drop below 30 degrees or the power goes out, you never have to worry. Our dedicated team of propane delivery drivers is always available to make certain your family has the ability to keep warm, shower and cook.

When you convert from electric or oil to propane for your home, you’ll not only experience the convenience lp gas can provide, you’ll also find our cheap propane prices are much friendlier on your wallet.

Call our local Benton, Tennessee office today at 423-338-0085. We will be happy to provide a quote for your home propane.