Apex, North Carolina

824 E Williams St, Apex, NC 27502, USA

Apex, North Carolina

Get The Best Propane Service In Apex, NC With ThompsonGas

Located in Wake County, Apex has been called one of the most charming downtown areas in North Carolina. But ask anyone who shops the historic downtown district but lives in the rural outskirts and they will tell you, when it comes to heating your home propane is the best value!

Average winter temperatures in Apex can dip below 30 degrees, but that’s never a problem when using residential propane from ThompsonGas. Our dedicated team of propane delivery drivers are always available to make certain your family is safe and warm all winter long—but our stellar propane service doesn’t end there. Propane clients in Apex, NC understand the full list of benefits involved when you buy propane.

The ThompsonGas family of customers utilize our budget friendly, cheap propane, to heat their hot water, cook propane grilled food in their kitchens and even to dry all of that laundry a busy household seems to accumulate overnight. When you convert from electric or oil to residential propane you’ll not only experience the convenience lp gas can provide, you’ll also find your propane prices are much friendlier on your wallet.

Call our local Apex, North Carolina office today at 919.387.9430. We will be happy to provide a quote for your home propane.