Are You More Like The Ant Or The Grasshopper?


Have you ever heard the story about the ant and the grasshopper? This lesson-filled tale is usually credited to Aesop, the famous storyteller from ancient Greece who believed in offering advice to everyday problems in the form of short fables.


If you haven’t heard about the fun loving grasshopper and his industrious counterpart, allow us to bring you up to date:


It’s summer and a boisterous grasshopper is having the time of his life, singing and dancing in a field.  He notices an ant, busily gathering food and taking it back to his underground home.  Curious, the grasshopper follows the insect and can’t help but ask, “Excuse me there Mr. Ant, but it’s summer time, why aren’t you out playing in the fields like me?”


The ant responds over one of his many busy six shoulders “Yes, but winter’s right around the corner. If I don’t prepare now I won’t have enough supplies to last through the cold months.”


“Oh, that’s silly,” the grasshopper replies, “You’ll be fine! Now is the time to have fun! I’ll worry about winter later, and so should you.  Now I’m going to return to my frolicking.  Don’t work too hard silly ant!”


Ok, we’re sure you know how things worked out for that daydreaming grasshopper come the first snow.  You’re probably wondering what could this cute little story have to do with propane?  Well, actually a lot!


Propane pricing, like any commodity, is based on supply and demand.  It’s common for propane rates to increase during the winter months based simply on this principle.  In the summer months, LP gas rates are lower, making it the right time to fill up your propane tanks.


Doesn’t it make more sense to be prepared like the ant in our story above? Even though propane is more affordable than other fuels used to heat your home, you can save even more by purchasing your propane now, when the supply exceeds the demand.


To find out more about propane for your home or to schedule a propane delivery, please contact us and we will be happy to explain how ordering your LP gas can save you money.