Landscapers: Don’t Wait Another Year To Convert Your Equipment To Propane

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To all of our landscaping business owners out there, you know the time has come. We reminded you last year of all the benefits available when converting your fleet, mowers and miscellaneous equipment to propane, but did you take our advice? Well, the good news is some of you did! Several business savvy outdoor entrepreneurs have enjoyed a full season experience the power of propane. So, for those fence sitters out there, we decided to once again detail the incredible benefits available when converting your landscaping equipment to propane.

Is It Time For New Equipment? Choose Propane!

As a landscaper, you understand you can only be profitable if your equipment is in top condition. Even just one mower being taking out of service for repair can have a direct impact on your bottom line. Is it time to reinvest in new equipment for your landscaping business? If so, before you purchase that same brand and model lawnmower that recently went kaput, consider purchasing a new propane powered one.

You can even purchase conversion kits for your existing landscaping equipment, leading to even bigger savings on maintenance and upkeep! Propane is a much cleaner burning fuel than traditional gasoline, which is not only more environmentally friendly, but also known to lead to fewer repairs on your equipment.

“Where will I get all of this propane to fuel my landscaping equipment?” Great question! When you become a ThompsonGas customer, we will help you predict how much fuel your business will need and discuss the perfect plan for you! Imagine how convenient it will be to have a propane tank installed at your place of business, allowing your landscapers easy access to fill up the equipment as needed.

Contact us today to learn more about converting your landscaping fleet to propane. Call 800.768.6612 and we will be happy to discuss all the benefits and opportunities available when converting to propane.