We Know Exactly What He Wants For Valentine’s Day!


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What do you get the man who has everything for Valentine’s Day? That’s a legitimate question that hopefully isn’t keeping you up at night as Feburary 14th is rapidly approaching. Yes, we agree, he has it easier when it comes to consulting Cupid regarding a special gift for you. Men always seem to rely on the tried and true chocolates and flowers, letting them off the hook easily, but chances are he wouldn’t appreciate a dozen roses or an assortment of candies. If you could only give him something truly unique that he would really enjoy, like maybe…

Get Your Husband A New Propane Grill This Valentine’s Day!

“That’s your great idea? A new propane grill for Valentine’s Day?” Yep! Trust us, he will totally love it—and here’s why!

Investing In A New Propane Grill Can Be Cheaper Than An Expensive Dinner!

Letting your husband or boyfriend decide where you will go for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner will most likely lead to a four star steakhouse. If you’re treating him, be prepared to pay some serious money for that T-bone! Wouldn’t you rather give him the opportunity to cook a steak on a new propane grill for years to come? Ah, yes, a propane grill is the gift that keeps on giving!

A Stylish New Propane Grill Or The Latest Action Blockbuster?

Ask yourself, do you really want to sit through “The Expendable Terminator Barbarian #8: Back In Black”? Yes, it may not be the best decision to offer a night out at the local cinema; he won’t watch a “chick flick” and you like your hearing just the way it is. But a new propane grill—everybody wins!

Propane Grill: A Big Boy’s Toy!

Does he really need another video game, three-wheeler, golf club or fishing rod? A new propane grill is a sophisticated toy that will actually get plenty of use. Oh, and if you were thinking about getting him a nice “outfit”, don’t. His taste in clothing is most likely nothing like yours!

A New Propane Grill Means Less Cooking For You!

Have you ever asked your significant other to prepare a meal? Unless cooking is one of his hobbies, chances are very good he will view your request as a chore. Ask him to fire up some burgers on the grill, however, and watch as he becomes a grilling master! The more he grills, the less you have to cook!

ThompsonGas is here to help you select the best propane grill for your guy! Visit our retail website and then call 301.432.6611. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and set you up with a Valentine’s Day gift he will never forget!