It’s That Time Again! Is Your Propane Home Ready For Autumn?

Labor Day has come and gone, leaving everyone with just fond memories of another summer. Now is the time to get serious about the upcoming fall temperatures, which, well, will be falling before you know it! Relax, ThompsonGas is here to help. As your propane gas provider, we have everything you could possibly need, and then some, to ensure you and your family is ready to settle in until spring arrives. This week we’re providing you with some helpful advice to get your propane home prepared for the next several months. Join us inside for this must-read blog post!

Get Your Tank Filled Before The Bitter Cold Arrives

The last thing you need is to wake up from an early fall snow storm to discover that your propane tank is in desperate need of a top off. Beat the rush—call us now at 1.800.768.6612 to schedule your propane delivery. One of our professional team members will be out as soon as possible to fill that tank before you need to begin the annual battle against chilly temperatures. Don’t forget, a full propane tank will only read 80% on your propane gauge. This is by design, allowing for propane vapor expansion. It’s also important to keep an eye on that gauge throughout the cold months, noting that you never want your tank to drop below 20% of capacity.


More detailed information regarding how to read your propane gauge is also available here.


Inspect Your Furnace

It’s easy for all of us to forget about inspecting our furnace at least once a year, but  that doesn’t make it any less important than, say, changing the oil in your car. All furnaces can collect lint and dirt throughout the year. In order to ensure your furnace is totally ready for everything Old Man Winter is planning, you may want to give us a call to schedule a furnace tune-up. Contact your local ThompsonGas office more information.


Visually Inspect Your Kitchen Range

The next time your using your propane fueled kitchen equipment, pay particular notice to the color of the flame. Is it a nice, solid blue? If so, great! If, however, you notice it’s yellow, there’s a very good chance the air inlets may be clogged or your burners need adjusted. If your propane flame isn’t blue, call us as soon as possible.


Drain Your Hot Water Tank

To disperse all of the sediment that has collected over the course of year, drain your water tank until the water runs clean. This is a common maintenance chore with traditional hot water tanks—but, if you decide to invest in a tankless hot water heater, not only will you never need to worry about sediment in your tank (because there is no tank!), but you’ll save money on your utility bills! Learn more about tankless hot water heaters.


From summer to fall, and every propane service in between, TompsonGas can handle it all. Call us today at 1.800768.6612.