Improve Your Dream Home With Propane

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Maybe you’ve found an amazing property that you would like to purchase or even a home for rental in a rural area, but you discover a large propane tank underneath the side yard. Don’t let this scare you! This would be an incredibly silly reason to miss out on owning your dream home! Several homes are fueled by propane, lived in my very happy, and healthy families.  If you’ve been considering a property that utilizes propane as it’s main source of fuel, here’s a few quick tips to help demystify this affordable utility.

Propane Can Make Your Dream Home Even Better!

    • First you should attempt to identify who installed the existing tank.  Normally there is a tag found on the exposed part of the tank.  Contact the propane company and explain that you are using propane for the first time.
    • Usually, you are able to utilize a propane company of your choosing.  Be very diligent when selecting who will be providing your propane.  When calling be certain to ask about the propane company’s safety record, delivery policies, pricing and what type of surcharges are involved.
    • Speaking of surcharges, many customers inquire what these funds actually go to.  In most instances surcharges are required to deliver propane, which, like most other types of fuel, are listed as hazardous materials.  Surcharges are also often used to provide safety training for propane company employees.
    • For your initial delivery, most companies will require you to be present.  It’s advisable that you watch the tank filling process and ask your driver any questions you may have.  You should inquire as to what propane actually smells like so you can identify any leaks.  Tank leaks are extremely rare, but as with any type of fuel, safety and education must be practiced by all homeowners.

Do you have any questions regarding the basics of propane delivery and use?  Feel free to contact ThompsonGas at 1.800.768.6612.