How Are School Districts Saving Thousands Each Year?

For decades, school districts relied on traditional diesel fuel to power their bus fleets, but as Bob Dylan likes to remind us “the times, they are a changing”.  More and more school decision makers are realizing the tremendous benefits of converting their vehicles to operate on cost efficient propane.

The Financial Benefits Of Converting School Buses To Propane

Is the actual retail price of a propane powered bus less expensive than that of a diesel vehicle? Not quite, but the savings are definitely apparent as the school year evolves.  According to many experts, school districts can expect to save an average of $5,000 annually based solely on how inexpensive propane fuel really is when compared to traditional diesel.

Is A Propane Fueled Bus Safe?

When the word ‘propane’ is mentioned, many tend to think of a highly flammable gas that requires a tremendous amount of respect and education in order to use safely. As with any type of fuel, the proper safety measures must be utilized, however when it comes to the safety of our children, it’s expected every precaution must be implemented. In the design and engineering of propane powered buses, every safety measure imaginable, and then some, has been considered.


Each 100 gallon propane tank, crafted from carbon reinforced metal, is surrounded by a 3/8 inch thick steel reflector. With this added layer of protection, even the largest rocks or debris that may be kicked up while the bus is in transit will be deflected downwards.  Yes, these propane buses are extremely safe!

Propane Powered Busses Are Better For The Environment

Picture a traditional school bus—what do you see and hear? Most likely you’re envisioning black soot trailing from the tailpipe as well as the loud roar that’s so common with vehicles of this size. With propane powered buses, noise pollution is drastically reduced; school buses sound more like the purr of a kitten than the growl of a lion.


When compared to diesel buses, propane fueled vehicles are able to cut nitrous oxide emissions by up to 60%, hydrocarbon emissions by up to 80% and particulate emissions by up to 100%. Very impressive!


Additionally, several state and local municipalities have offered rebates and incentives to school districts who have converted their diesel fleet to propane, allowing for even more savings with propane!


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