Heat Pump vs. Propane Furnace

Choosing a heating system for your home can have a major impact on your utility bills and energy consumption. According to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, heating systems consume as much as 50% of the energy used in the average home.


Heat pumps use a refrigerant system to capture outside heat, drawing it inside through a series of copper pipes or coils. In order to distribute heat energy through the home, an indoor fan blows on the copper coils. Unfortunately, heat pumps are not an efficient choice for very cold areas.


Propane furnaces rely on liquid propane and use a standard combustion process to generate heat energy within the furnace. Propane furnaces are relatively easy to install and extremely flexible.


Heat pumps produce heat at around 95 degrees Fahrenheit while propane furnaces produce heat at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes a propane furnace an excellent choice for very cold climate areas. Propane is a clean burning fuel, contributing less to air pollution than coal used for electricity production.


If you are interested in having a warm and cozy propane furnace in your home, you can rely on ThompsonGas to get your propane tank installed and your furnace up and running. It won’t be long before you start noticing the short and long-term benefits of choosing propane.