Hear What Customers are Saying About Our Propane Service

Nothing makes ThompsonGas prouder than receiving kind words from our propane service customers. Here’s a letter we received that proves why our customers are the backbone of our company.

“Dear [Rick Stevens],

I am writing to you after requesting your email address from a telephone receptionist/dispatcher, and I am writing to express my very favorable impressions with the young, adult man [Brad Rohrer] who delivered gas to our home on very short notice last Friday evening, March 14. I had just discovered we had no hot water and that we were out of gas. This was at approximately 4:45 p.m. I called ThompsonGas and explained the situation. The dispatcher told me, ‘We’ll get it out to you right away. Would you like the driver to phone you prior to the delivery?’ I stated yes.


A few minutes later, I got a phone call from the driver. He told me, ‘Sir, I need to pick up the gas truck and I should be there by 6 p.m.’ He rolled in our driveway at 5:55 p.m. He could not have been more professional, personable, kind, knowledgeable, thorough, humble and courteous. I believe these words characterize our experience of your representative.


I work in the area of customer service and other roles at a well-known place of employment, so I am aware of the variety of ways to approach people, problems and human nature. As a man representing your company, he certainly enhanced my gratitude for ThompsonGas (and we have always had positive experiences with your personnel). He took customer service to, as it is said nowadays, ‘a whole new level.’ I am sure you and ThompsonGas have discovered a variety of ways to acknowledge and reward employees, thus I want to bring this top-quality person to your attention for recognition as appropriate. Thank you for receiving this unsolicited letter as a follow-up to our experience.


Sincerely shared,
Steven J. Jenks”

You can read more of our customer testimonials here. If you’re a current customer who’s had a positive experience with ThompsonGas, please share in the comments below.