Go Ahead, Admit It—You’re Looking Forward To Brisk Weather

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Seriously, it’s ok! You can say it out loud. In fact, you’re not alone. There’s just something about Fall that everyone likes. Don’t kid yourself, it won’t stop optimists from saying “It was so nice this past summer” and pessimists from stating the obvious “Hey, autumn only leads to winter! Who likes that?”
Well, there’s not much any of us can do about the changing of the seasons except make the best of it, and as far as autumn is concerned, well, we think it’s pretty darn cool! Uh, no pun intended there…but really, it’s that perfect time of year when dusk creeps up earlier each day, temperatures gradually decrease ever so slightly from week to week and you have an excuse to stay inside relaxing by a cozy propane fireplace. What’s that? You don’t have a propane fueled fireplace, perfect for relaxing fall evenings? Do you even know what you’re missing out on?

The High Performance Of Propane Fireplaces

Suitable for all climates, propane fireplaces have more features than you might realize. Unlike traditional wood burning fireplaces or, Heaven forbid, those electric fireplaces that try to look real but are really, really fake, you can control the size of the flame to suit your mood. Also, propane fireplaces deliver 5 to 6 times more heating capacity than those electric ones and, compared to wood burning fireplaces there’s literally no ash or soot. Oh, and when it’s time to retire for the night you don’t have to worry if any logs are still burning—in fact, many propane fireplaces let you turn off the flame via remote control.


Propane Fireplaces Are Extremely Energy Efficient


Propane fireplaces offer Fireplace Efficiency (FE) ratings of more than 90 percent. Compare that to wood burning fireplaces that can only achieve a 15 percent FE and you the choice is clear. Who wants to lose the majority of their heat through a chimney?


Propane Fireplaces Are Environmentally Friendly


We’ve talked about the environmental benefits of propane several times before, but in regards to fireplaces it’s important to revisit the topic.  Propane produces fewer emissions and less carbon monoxide that burning logs indoors. In fact, there are certain areas of the country where traditional wood burring fireplaces are even banned at certain times due to their negative impact on air quality.


And yes, your next question is “Well, how does it compare environmentally to electric fireplaces? Certainly there’s no emissions coming from an electric fireplace.” Not so fast…have you ever considered how electricity is produced? In the United States alone, 49% of all electricity is produced by the burning of coal. Electricity doesn’t sound so environmentally friendly now, does it?


Are you ready to select and install your propane fireplace before the real cold weather kicks in? Visit the ThompsonGas retail site to browse a wide selection of Mendota, RH Peterson and Regency fireplaces, then contact us at 1.800.768.6612 to discuss your propane options!