Football Season Has Returned—Ten Tailgating Safety Tips

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When school goes back into session, the leaves start to turn brown and the sun goes down earlier and earlier it can only mean one thing—the return of football season! All over the country, fans are packing up their grill for the weekend ritual we’ve all come to know as tailgating. Here at ThompsonGas we thought this would be a great time to review some tailgating safety tips to keep in mind before entering the stadium for the big game.

1. Keep your propane grill at least six feet away from cars, trees bushes and other combustible items. Never, under any circumstances, should you place your propane grill in or on your vehicle.

2. Review your portable propane grill manual before firing up the grill for the first time each season.

3. Never, ever light your propane grill with the lid closed.

4. Keep pets, children and parking lot games such as Frisbee and Corn Hole away from the grill, even if it’s not currently in use.

5. Never leave a functioning grill unattended.

6. Unfortunately, you could find yourself in the middle of grilling some burgers, dogs and steaks only to discover your tank has run out of propane. Luckily for you a back up tank was brought along! Before swapping tanks, turn off all burners and close the valve on the old tank.

7. When everyone has had enough to eat and you’re ready to enter the stadium, make certain all burners are turned off as well as the valve on the propane tank. Leave your grill outside of your vehicle until you return to the lot, or, at the very least, ensure the grill has been turned off for at least 30 minutes before placing back in your car.

8. It’s wise to always bring at least two sets of utensils when grilling—one for use when placing raw meat on the grill, the second for serving the cooked food.

9. To avoid bacterial growth, never leave food out for more than two hours.

10. In order to ensure all food is cooked to the proper temperature, make certain you bring a meat thermometer along with you. Follow the guidelines for proper temperature on the packaging of all poultry, meat or fish.