Finally! Summer Is Right Around The Corner!

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Can you believe it? The sun is going down later and later. We’re finally able to put away our coats and go outside in shorts. Snow shovels have been replaced with garden hoses and landscaping mulch. Yes, finally we find ourselves in the midst of spring with the promise of summer coming right around the bend!

Now, you might think a propane company like ours looks forward more to the colder months than the more warmer ones, but we’re just like you—we love summer! In fact, as more and more homeowners convert their homes to propane, we’ve experienced an increase in demand in product all year round.  Curious about the summertime uses of propane? We thought so!

Propane For Mowing & Landscaping

Without a doubt, whether you own an entire fleet of law equipment for your landscaping business, or you simply have a yard that needs mowed, you can join all the others who have converted their lawnmowers, trimmers and edgers to run on propane.  Some forward thinking property owners even utilize propane powered landscaping torches as an alternative to pulling unsightly weeds. Sounds like a much more environmentally friendly solution than spraying dangerous pesticides on your yard, doesn’t it?

Propane Fueled Deck & Patio Torches

There’s nothing like enjoying a social night of conversation with friends and family, and propane powered tiki torches help to provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Outdoor Heaters & Propane Fire Pits

Even though it may be summer, it can still get a bit chilly when the sun goes down. You can keep your guests warm with a propane powered outdoor heater or a stylish propane fire pit.

Grilling With Propane

Any party host worth their salt knows you have to provide your guests a variety of beverages and food, and who doesn’t love chicken, burgers, steaks, hot dogs and veggies grilled over a propane flame?

Warm Your Swimming Pool With Propane

If you’ve invested in an outdoor swimming pool, you understand how important it is to keep that crystal clear water at an ideal temperature. Propane heaters have been used to warm swimming pools for decades, as it’s not only very affordable—it’s also able to keep your pool at a consistent temperature.

Yes, You Can Fuel Your Air Conditioning With Propane

When ever propane and temperature control is mentioned, everyone immediately thinks of heating your house during the winter, but did you know propane can also help to keep your home cool during the summer? Yes, it’s true, plus, HVAC powered by propane can help you save money when compared to electric, oil and natural gas.

Going Camping? Don’t Forget The Propane!

Every summer more and more weekend warriors pack up the canteen and head off for a camping adventure.  Propane has become the go-to source to cook food around campfires world wide, based not only how affordable propane is, but also based on how portable small propane tanks are to carry.

Propane Powered Generators

For as beautiful as summer is, we also have to be prepared for frightening thunderstorms and power outages. Luckily, propane powered back-up generators are available to keep all of your household necessities functional until power is restored.


Have you made the switch to propane? Give ThompsonGas a call today at 1.800768.6612 and we can help you realize how affordable and convenient converting to propane can be!