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Looking for a trustworthy forklift propane provider? Or, maybe you're just looking for better forklift propane prices?

We understand that every minute your forklifts are operational – and how much you're paying to keep them that way – can make all the difference.

You need a trusted Propane Company, with 24/7 service, a never-run-out guarantee, and a 70+ year track record of great customer service. We provide both bulk and cylinder on-site refill and also cylinder exchange service.

Contact ThompsonGas today for your customized program created specifically for your business, including propane rates and automatic delivery.

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The Benefits Of Propane For Your Business’ Forklifts

Is your company currently using electric forklifts?

When you use propane to power your forklifts your employees can be more productive and your equipment will require less maintenance!

Propane enables your workforce the ability get more done on a daily basis, cutting down on refueling time and helping ensure your equipment stays in tip-top shape.

There's countless other benefits to switching to propane, such as:

  • How using propane will make your business a more environmentally safe workplace.
  • Increase forklift speed by using propane for forklift rather than electric.
  • The ability to lift heavier loads than most electric powered forklifts.
  • The versatility of using your forklifts both inside and outside.

.. and we’re just getting started! Complete the contact form or call us today at 800-768-6612 to learn more about propane forklifts, and how to get the best forklift propane price in Georgia!


Propane powered forklift

ThompsonGas has consistently offered fair prices for forklift propane.

ThompsonGas has been family operated since 1946. Today, we are a team of dedicated employees who work hard to offer our customers affordable, clean and reliable propane services. Call our hard-working family at ThompsonGas and get the propane savings you’ve been looking for.