Everything You Want To Know About Propane But Are Afraid To Ask

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If you’re a current ThompsonGas customer you’re already pretty well versed on all things propane—but what if you’re in the process of considering converting your home furnace, appliances and water tank to this extremely energy efficient fuel? Chances are you have several questions and perhaps more than a bit of trepidation regarding taking the propane plunge. Well, you’re in luck, because in this week’s article we’re going to address everything you’ve ever wanted to know about propane but are afraid to ask!

Is Propane Safe?

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room right off the bat. Many people seem to believe that propane is a dangerous fuel. Truth be told, fuel is flammable; gasoline can ignite, electric can spark and natural gas is combustible. Does that stop you from placing gas in your vehicle or operating your television? Of course not! Safety standards are always in place regardless of the type of fuel being used, and propane is no exception. In fact, propane appliances and equipment are held to a full spectrum of rigorous safety standards.

Compared to some other fuels, propane vaporizes into the air if a leak is present. A gasoline leak leaves a puddle of highly flammable liquid near the source, which can be extremely dangerous. Also, propane requires an ignition source with a much higher temperature than gasoline, roughly 940 degrees Fahrenheit when compared to approximately 430 degrees for gasoline.

But Propane Is Odorless. How Will I Know If I Have A Leak?

You’re absolutely right, propane is odorless in it’s natural state, however regulations require that a scent be added in order for users to easily identify a leak. The risk of a residential, business or industrial propane leak are very slim, yet the unique smell incorporated to the gas allows for easy identification of any potential leak. As a new customer, you will be educated regarding everything about your propane equipment and tank, including being provided with a convenient ‘scratch and sniff’ card that will help you become familiar with the scent of the required additive.

I Like To Do My Part To Be Green. Doesn’t Propane Harm The Environment?

Thanks for asking about the environmental impact of propane. We could share how clean a fuel propane really is all day long!  Did you know that propane use can reduce the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide? Were you aware that propane was approved as a clean fuel in the Clean Air Act of 1990?  Propane is actually non-toxic, which means it doesn’t harm water or soil. In addition, propane burns clean, which means you won’t experience the soot and ash associated with a wood burning fireplace when using propane to heat your home.  Honestly, we’re just scratching the surface here regarding the environmental benefits of using propane when compared to other fuels. Let’s move on to how propane can save you money!

Sounds Good; How Can Using Propane Save Me Money?

Replacing your oil or electric furnace to an energy efficient propane furnace can save you up to $1,000 a year on your utility bills. Imagine, you won’t have to avoid the mailman during those cold winter months!  And let’s talk about how replacing your current bulky, energy hogging hot water tank with a fuel efficient hot water heater can also save you more of your hard earned money. Tankless hot water heaters cost roughly 60% less to operate than electric tanks and are able to provide you with hot water when you need it. If you’re the last family member to get a shower in the morning you’ll never have to worry about the hot water running out.

Also, ThompsonGas offers a variety of rebates and credits when replacing your current oil or electric equipment with new propane appliances! And, if you’re a business owner that operates a fleet of expensive fuel consuming vehicles, or even the proprietor of a landscaping operation, you should consider converting your vehicles to operate on energy efficient propane. Several schools districts across the country are now using propane powered buses and saving a vast amount of money on their fuel budget!

Curious to learn more about making the switch to propane? Call ThompsonGas at 1.888.847.7672 and one of our propane professionals will be happy to discuss all of the advantages and incentives currently available.