Everything You Need To Know To Convert Your Fleet To Propane

If you’ve been following our blog for the past several months, (and of course you have!), you’re up to date regarding the increased popularity of schools, businesses and municipalities converting their fleets to operate on inexpensive, environmentally friendly propane. Perhaps you’ve been considering this move for your buses, trucks or warehouse vehicles, but you’re still straddling the fence, confused as to what is involved. Well, today’s your lucky day! Join us inside as we detail everything you need to know to convert your fleet to propane.

What Is The First Thing To Consider When Switching Your Fleet To Propane?

Embracing any type of technological advancement does require some up front expenditure. Before submitting your concept of switching your fleet to propane to the Powers That Be, do your homework not only about the benefits, but also the initial costs.  In order to convert your vehicles to propane, whether it’s a fleet of school buses, trucks, township vehicles or simply a dozen or so forklifts, some physical changes will be required to your equipment. This may sound a bit off-putting at first, but there are tremendous benefits just around the corner…

What Are The Positive Impacts Of Converting Your Fleet To Propane?

Yes, it’s great that propane use reduces emissions when compared to vehicles operating on traditional fuels, and many have noted how much quieter these propane powered vehicles sound, but everyone realizes this isn’t the main reason for switching to propane. The most attractive rationale for converting to propane is the ability to decrease fuel costs. On average, propane autogas costs roughly 30% less than traditional gasoline. Based on actual usage, you can say how this savings will quickly add up, but the savings don’t end there.

Several Additional Savings Available With Propane

Are you currently utilizing vehicles that operate via diesel engines? If so, you know diesel engines use a great deal of oil, replacement filters are expensive and, adding the ever fluctuating price of diesel fuel into the mix can really eat into your operating budget. Factor in money lost due to down time, the unreliability of getting those diesel vehicles to start up in frigid weather and the overall maintenance involved in comparison to propane powered equipment and the decision to convert becomes crystal clear! But are there even more benefits to converting to propane? Oh yes…


Have you considered the savings available via the Federal Alternative Fuel Tax Exemption program? Factor in that certain states also offer a variety of credits for those choosing to operate on non-traditional fuels as well and it becomes apparent that converting to propane is the way to go!

Do you have specific questions regarding the possibility of converting your fleet to propane? Contact ThompsonGas at 1.800.768.6612! We will gladly discuss all of your options, getting you on the path to saving your business money by making the switch to propane.