Don’t Pay More for Gasoline — Switch to Commercial Propane for Vehicles

According to AAA, the average price of a gallon of gasoline has skyrocketed 45 cents in the last 31 days, marking the fastest increase since 2005. The same report says that retail gasoline prices have climbed for 33 consecutive days. With such historically high prices, there’s never been a better time to switch to commercial propane to power your fleet vehicles, buses, work trucks, forklifts, lawn equipment and more.


Propane services can meet the performance needs of high-mileage, high-runtime vehicles. Ranging from police cruisers to bus and truck fleets, a number of vehicles can benefit from versatile, reliable and cheap propane. Unlike gasoline, which AAA Mid-Atlantic Spokesperson John Townsend says has reached the most expensive it’s ever been in the dead of winter, vehicle operators using propane service can earn alternative fuel tax credits of 50 cents per every gallon of propane sold.


Commercial propane fueled vehicles reduce fleet maintenance costs, increase engine life, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote environmentally friendly transportation. The price of gasoline correlates with global prices and is subject to global market trends and regional refinery constraints. But vehicles powered by propane service help support the use of domestically produced fuel since more than 80% of propane is produced right here in the U.S.


Consider propane gas service as the alternative fuel to gasoline. Contact your ThompsonGas representative today to buy propane gas for your vehicles.


– The ThompsonGas Team