Dear Propane: An Open Love Letter To Our Favorite Fuel!

Here at ThompsonGas our faithful readers know how crazy happy we are with all things propane! We simply can’t help ourselves when it comes to explaining all of the amazing benefits of this incredible fuel, especially when compared to traditional energy sources such as electricity and oil.  Valentine’s Day isn’t until next month, but we thought this would be an appropriate time nonetheless to convey our own little love letter to this amazing product.

Dear Propane,

Yes, it may seem a bit “out there” to be writing you a letter, but it wouldn’t be fair to keep all of your amazing benefits and wonderful traits all to ourselves.  You’re such an amazing alternative fuel source; we simply want to sing your praises from the mountaintops! It’s a bit frigid outside to do that, and we would much rather be warming ourselves by your incredibly efficient fireplace, so instead we decided to describe everything you mean to us below.Yes, we admit it—we are in love propane! You should be, too! Check out why this amazing fuel source gets our hearts racing in this open letter!

P      is for the way you protect not only our families from the brutal cold of winter, but also our bank accounts from expensive natural gas, electric and oil utility bills!

R        is for the various residential uses available from your incredible service. You are able to do so much more than simply heating our homes and warming our hearts.

O        is for our food, obviously, which tastes better when cooked on propane grills and kitchen appliances. We never have to wait for the stove to reach the proper cooking temperature!

P        is for how popular propane use is becoming. More and more homes and businesses are quickly realizing the tremendous benefits of propane, especially when it comes to fueling vehicles!

A      is for accessible, abundant and available! Here at ThompsonGas we are proud to deliver propane right to your home. Did you know propane is the most popular fuel source for homes in rural areas with no access to traditional utilities?

N      is for nonresidential use! Propane is also widely used in the agricultural industry, construction sites, hotels, restaurants and schools, to name just a few!

E      is for environmentally friendly!  Propane is an approved alternative “clean” fuel under the Clean Air Act of 1990. It’s a fact; propane produces lower carbon emissions than carbon based traditional fuels!

Propane…..don’t go changing to try to please us, you’ve never let us down before!

Yours Truly,