Convert Your Lawn Mower to Propane

Now is the time to convert your lawn mower to operate on propane rather than traditional gasoline. The benefits of propane are tremendous and you can actually save some serious cash!

What Are The Benefits Of Converting Your Lawn Mower To Propane?

  • Propane Is An Environmentally Friendly Fuel – propane mowers produce nearly 25% less greenhouse gases than regular fuel!
  • No Risk Of Spillage With Propane – propane is enclosed in a tank, eliminating the risk of spilling a flammable liquid when refueling your mower!
  • Reduce Down Time With Propane – propane helps engines run cleaner, drastically reducing wear and tear on your engine!
  • Propane Mowers Are As Powerful As Traditional Mowers – no need to worry about your propane mower not producing the same results as your gasoline powered mower!
  • Eliminate The Fluctuating Price Of Gasoline –Contact ThompsonGas and establish your fuel price, empowering you to accurately predict your fuel costs! Plus, keep in mind, based on supply and demand, propane pricing is normally lower in the summer months, right when you need it the most!

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