How To Choose The Perfect Propane Grill For Football Season

Football season is upon us, and we all know a huge part of the Game Day Experience is tailgating with friends and family.  Does your propane grill have what it takes to stand up to multiple uses on any given Sunday?

Make Sure You Have The Right Propane Grill For Your Football Game

Here you will find a handy list of propane grill “must haves”, ensuring your ready for the big game every Sunday, all season long!

Choosing The Perfect Size Propane Grill

As any tailgating veteran will testify, the more like-minded fans you’re hosting, the merrier your experience will be! You must consider how large of a propane grill you will need to quickly fire up enough burgers, dogs and kielbasa.  It’s not so much the actual size of the propane-powered grill, but more of the available cooking service, which leads us to….

Ease Of Set Up For Your Propane Grill

It’s not practical to load up a full size propane grill to the stadium every weekend. There are several styles and models of propane grills engineered for easy transport and quick, simple set up. Invest in a propane grill that cannot only be placed in your vehicle, but can be ready to go just minutes after pulling into your parking space.

Versatility Of Your Propane Grill

Propane grills have come a long way in recent years. Now you can select from a variety of propane grills able to prepare much more than the traditional tailgating fare. Some are specifically engineered to cook a perfect pizza!

Your Propane Grill’s Burner Integrity

When choosing your parking lot propane grill, it’s imperative to insure the burners are built to last.  Some grills will utilize only a simple tube type burner, limiting the propane flame to a small cooking area.  When planning on cooking for a large quantity of hungry football fans it’s best to find a propane grill that incorporates a larger burner, ideally able to emit up to 15,000 BTU’s.

Propane Grill Quality Construction

Remember, you want to get many seasons of use out of your new propane grill. Be very diligent when it comes to performing your homework regarding the quality of construction, and don’t forget to inspect the finish of each propane grill you are considering.  It’s also well worth price to invest in a heavy duty grill cover in order to protect your propane grill when it’s not in use.

Are you ready to purchase your tailgating propane grill? Feel free to contact ThompsonGas by clicking this link.  Our retail division will be happy to help you find the picture perfect propane grill to meet your specific needs!