Choose Propane For Your New Construction Home


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A lot of work has gone into the construction of your new home. You spent countless hours deciding on the perfect floor plan to meet your specific needs.  All of the homework has been performed to ensure you were building in your ideal community.  To say you were diligent in choosing a General Contractor would be a tremendous understatement and of course you have your financing already secured. But did you consider how you are going to fuel your new dream house?

Before Beginning Your New Home Construction Consider The Benefits Of Propane

There’s never a better time to realize the full benefits of utilizing propane to power your home, especially when you’ve yet to break ground!  Speak with your homebuilder and let them know you’re interested in the efficiency and savings provide by propane.

Save On Your Hot Water Bill With Tankless Water Heaters

Technology has come a long way since the first cumbersome hot water tank was installed. New, tankless water heaters fueled by propane are not only much smaller in size, saving you valuable living space, but are also able to provide consistent hot water cheaper than traditional methods!

Cooking With Propane

Ovens, cooktops, and grills operate much more efficiently when powered by propane.  Propane burners cook more evenly and cool much faster than other cooking methods, making propane not only the logically affordable choice, but also potentially less risky when it comes to accidental burns.

Home Heating With Propane Is Cheaper Than Electricity

The U.S. Department of Energy has stated heating a home with propane can be more cost effective than electricity for multiple reasons.  Propane heat is actually hotter than heat produced from typical electric heaters. More savings are evident when the lifetime of electric heat pumps are considered compared to longer lasting propane furnaces.  Additionally, if you plan on relying solely on electric heat, what is your contingency plan in the event of a power outage?

Propane Powered Standby Generators

Installing a propane-powered generator can keep your lights on and refrigerator running during power outages produced by a variety of storms and accidents.  Investing in a standby generator fueled by propane is a wise idea, even for existing properties.

“But I Don’t Want A Bulky Propane Tank In My Backyard!”

Keep in mind, propane containers can be installed underground, totally out of view, especially if you make the decision to utilize propane before your home is built.  There are also several options for propane tank placement that allows existing homeowners the opportunity to reap the amazing benefits available from propane fuel.


If you have any questions regarding utilizing propane for your new construction home, or would like more information on how to retrofit your current property to operate on propane, simply call ThompsonGas at 1.800.768.6612. One of our skilled representatives will be happy to answer all of your questions, helping you become part of the Propane Revolution!