Business Owners—Save Money On Your Fuel Bill


Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a local pizzeria owner, you’re in business to be profitable. As any savvy CEO or small proprietor knows, there are certain categories on your ledger that can’t be addressed; consistent overhead like rent, materials, taxes etc. There are, however, some areas where, with a little ingenuity, outside-the-box thinking and good old elbow grease, can have a very positive impact on the bottom line.

Converting To Propane Can Help Save Your Business Money

Although many of these rules apply to businesses of all sizes, let’s stick with the example of a restaurant, best known perhaps for their choice steaks. As the old saying goes “In order to make money you have to spend money.” But, a wise restauranteur understands what expenses add value to their business and where there is opportunity for savings.

Certainly there is no room to skimp on the actual product, in this instance, the food. Your customers deserve the best, something they simply can’t anywhere else. When they’re thinking steak, you want your establishment to be the first thing that comes to mind. Of course proper advertising and promotion will help achieve this goal, but if the steaks are just “so so”, you can’t count on a return visit.

The same goes for service. You want to hire the friendliest, best wait staff, chef, cooking crew and hostesses available. It goes without saying you’ll need to price your entrees appropriately while offering portions that not only justify the cost, but leave the customer feeling they got more than their money’s worth.

You’ve already negotiated your rent, so where else can you save money? Dig a bit deeper…

Chances are your kitchen crew may be cooking using natural gas, or, in some instances, electric. Why?

The Business Benefits Of Propane

Perhaps you’ve never considered utilizing propane for your business. Propane is not only an affordable alternative to electric and natural gas, it is also green fuel, which means that it emits fewer greenhouse gasses than other fuels. Here at ThompsonGas, we’re more than just an energy supplier. We actually help our business customers create an Energy Plan, specific to their exact needs, ensuring they receive the best value possible when it comes to their fuel needs.

We’ve been called “energy experts”, and not just for restaurants. For decades, ThompsonGas has provided propane to a wide variety of commercial, industrial and agricultural businesses, helping them experience savings that dramatically affect their bottom line. Landscapers, farmers, warehouses, vehicle fleets and school districts are just some of the businesses and organizations currently utilizing this incredible fuel source.

Isn’t it time you looked a bit more closely at your utility options? Call ThompsonGas today at 800.768.6612! We will be happy to discuss how converting to propane can increase the efficiency, and profitability, of your business venture